The Museum of Colliding Dimensions

A Mixed Reality Project. Experimenting with theatre and gaming technologies to create hybrid worlds for entertainment and contemplation.

The Museum of Colliding Dimensions is a unique large-scale installation combining new virtual reality technologies with multi-projection mapping, industrial motion tracking, multitouch displays, responsive theatre lights and dynamic sound. Set up as a mock museum display, the project presents an immersive experience with a mysterious alternate reality, called the “Rift World” made up of morphing platonic shapes, crystal formations and alien sounds all controlled and composed by the visitors’ position, movements and interactions. The Rift World can be experienced across multiple platforms of increasing immersion, allowing visitors to move from physical to augmented to virtual realities as they go from being a spectator, to actor and ultimately transition to a digital avatar.

The project was produced over an intense and rapid production cycle of only four months with a small team of lead artist, programmer, 3D technical artist and sound designer. Each team member has been challenged well beyond the normal discipline boundaries in order to produce a work that raises a number of questions about both the nature of creative practices and of the perceptions of reality as it becomes increasingly augmented by technological advances.

The first iteration was commissioned by QUT Creative Industries with $29,000 development funding plus inkind provision of venue and technologies provided by the QUT Creative Lab. First installed and presented for the Launch of the CreateX Festival . The Premier of Queensland, Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, visited the installation  and the project was featured on ABC International, Channel 9 National Nine News, in the Courier Mail and Sun Herald.


Deb Polson
Ryan Quagliata
Wade Taylor
Nathan Corporal
Catriona Wilkinson

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QUT Creative Lab and CreateX Festival